Conference topics

Nano and Quantum Sciences Quantum cryptography and communication, Quantum sensing/imaging/metrology and nanofabrication, Optical antennas and nanoantennas, Nano-optical cavities and waveguides

Optical Communication Systems Novel fibers, Active optical devices, Photonic integrated circuits, Digital transmission systems, Access, data center and optical networks

Optical Imaging and Sensing Bio-imaging and microscopy, Chemical, biochemical and physical sensors, Fiber sensors, Lab-on-chip, Optogenetics, Optofluidics, Image sensors

Laser and Nonlinear Optics Micro-structured and specialty optical fibres, Quantum confined lasers and laser components, Fiber lasers, Nonlinear optics and its applications

Applications of Photonic Technology Photonics in manufacturing, Organic electronics and photonics, Photonics for solar energy systems, Photonics for automotive and aerospace, Photonics for agri-food

Emerging Topics 3D Printed optics and additive photonic manufacturing, Digital optics for immersive displays, Neuro-inspired photonic computing, Photonics for free space, 5G and microwave applications